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I like cute thingies~


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? Bellic
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Bleh, I came onto Deviant Art to just do art. I look down upon the slight acts of green that take over the fun out of art.

I may act Chibi but sometimes i act normal if your that curious.

Favourite style of art: Chibi, Cute, Pixel-Art/Sprite, Transfomation, Vore and Anthro
Operating System: Microsoft Vista
Favourite cartoon character: Megaman (It said cartoon, so I mean the cartoon version. XD)

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Journal History


After being gone for two months, I am back finally from a "little vacation" from everything that used to matter. But yes, I am back and back I am and back ad happy and all so fine, nothing bad had happened to me at all, not mentally, physically or emotionally teehee. :D

Now, while I have wrote this journal to say I am back, I am also going to say three major things that are notable after being missing for 2 months.

1. I am no longer anti-brony. A month ago the hate and dislike towards bronies and MLP have stopped, but this doesn't mean I turned brony, if one wants to see proof that I mean what I mean, here you go, I made a commision to have Clawfoot drawn as a MLP Dragon for RP reasons and still I am no brony for I do not watch the show.… However I have been RPing with a few bronies and Ivan Pepper got adopted by Fluttershy, no joke/lie. She found him beaten, unconcious and filthy by a river after some younger kid character had knocked him out and robbed him of everything he had on him and wore. The RP was quite cute and he did many errands and odd jobs. This RP was the proof before the MLP Style Clawfoot. And the final proof to remove doubt, is announcing it here.

2. I am also announcing one of my reasons for requests. When I see a "Requests are friends only.", I see it as an invitation for people to befriend that person, and I will try to befriend that person with the request as the goal but the thing being that I am not in it for the reward but the hunt. If things go well when befriending em, the request is considered a friendship contract/statement. I do not really care much about the request for I care about making a new friend and admitting this to certain people has tightened the bond and made people feel good. Some people call me a monster because of this methood, but they do not know. :3

3.I have learned to meditate, remain calm and endure meditating in freezing rain and hailstone, if I can remain calm during physical punishment and content, I can control my anger; however this doesn't mean I am void of the emotion of anger, as logn as people do not continue to provoke me constantly, I shall be fine. As long as one doesn't try to reignite a dying flame, all shall be fine.

Now for safety,  I should include links to diffirent places I can be reached at in case something happens.

My FurAffinity -…
My Tumblr -
My Twitter -
My YouTtube Channel -…
My Steam -
My Furstream -
My Twitch -
My LIVEstream -…
My BYOND Page -
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The one online game (Fantasy Zero) I kinda work my ass on has failed, barely someone has come on and even then it's not for more than 30 minutes to 50 and the average population is 1 to 2 daily. :(

Am I just stuck to fail with whatever I make? :(

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