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I like cute thingies~


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Sharing the shower as young friends are cute, but when your older it can sometimes be seen as odd. But when your young it's considered ...

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I know it doesn't help, but I never seen the original tileset. But I love seeing extensions of tilesets. It's a good way to advertise t...

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by mandaIa

Cuteness with a face, cuteness always has a face. ^.^ This cute fluffball is is adorable, especially for a lighting test, so since it's...


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? Bellic
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Bleh, I came onto Deviant Art to just do art. I look down upon the slight acts of green that take over the fun out of art.

I may act Chibi but sometimes i act normal if your that curious.

Favourite style of art: Chibi, Cute, Pixel-Art/Sprite, Transfomation, Vore and Anthro
Operating System: Microsoft Vista
Favourite cartoon character: Megaman (It said cartoon, so I mean the cartoon version. XD)

What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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What Anime Personality Are You?
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What Pokemon Are You?
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Clawfoot the Mute Lizardman Adventurer by GyroGun
Clawfoot the Mute Lizardman Adventurer
EDIT/UPDATE: Improved his bio to distract me from the summer heat.

Name: Clawfoot

Race: Surface Lizardman

Age: 8

Gender: Male

Hight: 43 inches

Bio: Clawfoot is a young Lizardman from one of the peaceful tribes in the tropical islands in the Pacific ocean, their tribe speaks perfect English and write in perfect English as it was a global language for peaceful lizards but for Clawfoot he can understand English perfectly yet never spoke it or even write it for whenever he writes, it's always in runes for reasons unexplained as his inability to talk and his thoughts remain silent and unreadable to even the most gift of mind readers.

Not only does that make him unique to his tribe but his name is due to having claws on his feet unlike the rest of the tribe, hence the name Clawfoot, due to birth he is considered an outsider of the tribe by rules of tradition. Being the bastard son of the Tribe's head alchemist and the shaman of another lizardman tribe from another island. Due to him not being of pure blood of the tribe, by tribe law he was forced to live alone in a hut outside the village when he was old enough and smart enough to be independent, this didn't take long as he caught on quite well and was able to pass the tribe's school with flying colors at the age of five. Although he was an outsider who had to move into a hut. There he grew few crops for himself and some to trade with the tribe. After all he was still treated as one of the tribe's own still.because the tribe's tradition didn't say you have to treat him like crap just cause he's not of pure blood. Yep, it's a peaceful and civilized tribe that sticks to traditions.

As a year went on, he only left his hut and traveled across the island to trade some of his local crops for books, ingredients and all kinds of necessary supplies. The other side of the island where his hut was compared to the village where it was busy and thriving with activity as traders came, feasts were plentiful where meat was usually traded in than obtained on the island (Most of the food is fruit and herbs.). His home however, It was peaceful, calm and quiet enough for him to study alone with books that some of the traders have sold to the village and practice magic without being bothered by the tribe's law of magic limits, however his gift in ice magic and alchemy was soon noticed by a group of students and teachers from one of the global mage academy on a field trip who were tasked to learn about magic from smaller remote cultures. He was first found by one of the seniors who went to investigate the rumors that their outsider member is practicing the magic arts freely without restrictions of their laws on magical practice, a few students had followed him and a teacher to the finding of Clawfoot creating statues out of ice using just magic.

The group had grown curious about him and asked the leader of the village about him, turns out he knew all this time he was practicing magic un-restricted and wanted to support it but didn't know the right way to. With some long distance communication with the principle of the mage academy and they arranged magical academy, now it was all left to asking Clawfoot. Despite some several problems of communication as they had o just realized, this gifted lizard wizard was a mute but in the end Clawfoot had agreed to join and not without saying goodbye and the class enjoying a goodbye festival as one of their members had gone to higher learning.

Two years went on after constant studying, tests, practices, reading and brushing off the discrimination from the preppy wizards and socialite witches who were not comfortable with a lizard being in the academy. As they tried to turn the academy against him by pointing out his savagery AKA: Pointing out he never wore footwear inside the academy grounds, never spoke English and never writing in English but runes which were difficult to translate. Despite their efforts they failed and were kicked out. After graduation, Clawfoot left to wander the mainland in this fantasy world where there was modern and fantasy lands, where buildings were made with brick and powered with electricity with guns and other places used stone and fire to heat them and swords. His plans were to find a place to set up his own store of magical items and potions where he eventually met up with Ivan Pepper, having stayed in his Treehouse at the Pepper Mansion for a while, he was soon caught in there by Ivy Pepper (Ivan's Mother.) when she was looking for Ivan during a game of hide and seek, although irritated he had been living on the mansion grounds without her permission; she let him stay and eventually adopted him as a surprise present for Ivan to be Ivan's adopted brother. He now lives in the basement of the Pepper mansion set up to be his personal lab and home. While looking like classic western fantasy where there were items of glass, brass and fine mahogany items, it still had plumbing, electronics and Clawfoot was free to continue his studies and go out adventuring and not only as Ivan Pepper's adopted brother, but also his best friend who sometimes joins him on adventures as long as he's back before curfew.

Lizardmen can wear normal clothes, but Clawfoot refuses to wear anything on his feet, he finds it more comfortable.
Stone walls and Floor Tileset 32X32 by GyroGun
Stone walls and Floor Tileset 32X32
A Simple 32X32 Tileset I did out of nowhere during a stream, small but it's good practice of doing something stone/brick/cobble like.

Top Left: Wall Top        Top Right: Cobblestone Floor
Bottom Left: Wall        Bottom  Right: Tile Floor

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